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Exchange Tour to UK on Global Emergency Team Development

On 8th May a delegation of health-care professionals from China and Hong Kong arrived in the UK co-hosted by Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM) and the Humanitarian Conflict and Response Institute (HCRI). The exchange tour is one of the activities under the project...

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Published articles in the ‘Injury’ international journal

Some recent papers from HCRI's collaborative project with the Red Cross have been published in the May edition of 'Injury', an international journal dealing with trauma care and accident surgery. Are prehospital deaths from trauma and accidental injury preventable? A...

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The Manipulation of Aid

By Dr Eleanor Davey. A small but vigorous cottage industry has grown up around the instrumentalisation of humanitarian aid. It sustains both researchers and journalists. Perhaps the most pointed in the latter category is the Dutch writer Linda Polman, whose book...

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Policy déjà vu – all over again

By Professor Roger MacGinty. It might be a function of my advancing years, but I have noticed a set of policy-driven debates coming around again. These were debates that occupied scholars and policy-makers twenty years ago and they are now back again. Here are a few...

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UK Emergency Medical Team simulation exercise

By Professor Tony Redmond OBE. Tony is the Director of UK-Med, an NGO which provides emergency medical assistance in disaster situations, and Deputy Director and Professor of International Emergency Medicine at HCRI. Training to respond to sudden onset large-scale...

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Call for Papers: Peacebuilding Conference 2017

'Peacebuilding during an age of crisis' Annual Conference of the International Association of Peace and Conflict Studies, 11-12 September 2017, University of Manchester Academic critiques of contemporary peacebuilding have shown a tendency in recent years to limit...

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Where’s the reconciliation?

by Roger Mac Ginty. December 16 is South Africa’s national reconciliation day. I am just back from a trip there and I was struck by the absence of reconciliation in everyday life. As ever, a short trip in a massive and varied country only affords a snapshot (I was in...

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Questioning humanitarian action in Madagascar

by Eleanor Davey. From the Rova of Antananarivo, a former royal site set high on a hill, the view over the Madagascan capital extends for miles. ‘Tana’ – as it is nicknamed – was founded in the seventeenth century, adopted as the capital under French colonisation, and...

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